Mystic Spray Tan Information

Mystic Spray Tan Information

Spray Tan Prep

In order to obtain the best results possible and insure a long lasting spray tan please follow these steps:
What to do:The Night Before:
Take a shower

Exfoliate your skin by using a thick body scrub. Apply the body scrub to a washcloth or loofah and massage it into your skin using circular motions. Make sure to focus on dry areas such as elbows, feet, ankles,and knees. Don’t forget your hands!

Shave your legs. After you get your spray tan you will want to shave as little as possible, so you don’t strip your tan. Shaving before your spray tan will also exfoliate the skin on your legs.

BE SURE to shave your legs the night before and not the day of your spray tan. Shaving immediately before will leave the pores on your legs too exposed. This can cause a razor burn like rash on your legs for a couple of days after getting your spray tan.

If you must shave closer to your spray tan, try splashing some cold water on your legs before you come in to the salon. This can help to close those pores back up and prevent razor burn!

Do not apply lotion to your body after you shower (unless you plan to shower and rinse the lotion off of your skin the morning of your spray tan). This lotion can create a barrier between your pores and the spray tan mist.

The Day Of

If you have applied lotion the night before your spray tan, make sure to shower and rinse off the lotion in the morning.

Do not apply any lotion, deodorant, or perfume the morning of you spray tan. Lotion can create a barrier that will stand between your pores and the spray tan mist. Your skin will not absorb the mist as much as it could, resulting in a disappointing tan.

Deodorant and other perfumes can alter your PH balance. This balance is important because it can change how the DHA in our spray mist will look on your skin.

Make sure to wear loose fitting clothing on the day of your spray tan. Yoga pants, leggings, sweat pants, and scrubs are all great pants to wear.

Sometimes the thick seams in blue jeans and dress pants can rub against your spray tan while it is still setting. Sports bras are also better to wear than a regular bra with underwire that can rub against your skin.

Do not wear make-up on the day of your spray tan. The makeup on your face can alter your body’s PH and will block the spray tan mist from your face. This could create some scary lines on your neck and face!


Make SURE to pat down your body with a towel after exiting the booth. Start at your feet and move upwards. Pat the towel against your skin to absorb excess mist. Do not rub the towel against your skin because this can cause streaking.

Try to wait as long as you can before you shower after your spray tan. Your spray tan will develop throughout the day. Wait a minimum of 4 hours no matter what. Waiting between 6-8 hours will guarantee that your tan is fully developed before you wash it off.

If you notice that your tan is getting darker than you would like, you can go ahead and shower. The initial shower after your spray tan will always rinse off a little of the excess color, so do not worry if you notice this in the shower.

Do NOT use Dove Moisturizing Body Wash or Dove Bar Soap. This body wash is known to be very bad for stripping when it comes to spray tans. This can leave you with streaks or it can fade your spray tan much quicker than it should.

Also avoid exfoliators such as body scrubs, loofahs, and shaving. These things can fade your tan.

A great way to avoid stripping and fading is by purchasing moisturizers and body washes in our salon. These products do not contain the stripping ingredients in many other body washes. We even have a shaving cream that will keep your legs tanner longer and does not strip your spray tan!

Really important to watch the the demo video so you will know what to expect.


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